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Illuminating the work of the world's civil society organisations

GuideStar International

GuideStar International (GSI), a UK-registered charity, is building a global network of websites with detailed reports on countries’ civil society organisations (CSOs) to make them more visible to those who wish to support their work.

Through GuideStar, CSOs can report on their aims, activities, accomplishments, structure and finances. By making the work of CSOs transparent, over time, these national GuideStar systems:

  • make CSOs more visible, accountable and effective;
  • enable more confident and effective philanthropy; and
  • promote vibrant and well governed civil societies.
The GuideStar framework adapts to conditions present in each country and develops at whatever speed the available data and resources, sophistication and strength of each national CSO sector allow. GSI provides technical support and consultancy services to civil society leaders wishing to develop a GuideStar service for their own country.
GuideStar International and TechSoup Global combined their operations to strengthen their respective capacity-building programs for civil society. TechSoup Global's mission is working toward a time when every nonprofit and NGO on the planet has the technology resources and knowledge they need to operate at their full potential. Read more...




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